Awning Fabric Can be Replaced

Awning Fabric Can be Replaced

Published by Brenda Adams on 2020 Jan 13th

We get a lot of inquiries to change the fabric on existing retractable patio awnings. It is so valuable to know that it can be done. You do not necessarily need to change your whole awning, unless if the frame is wearing or broken. Our sales staff that conduct on-site evaluations would be able to determine if your frame is still in good condition as you don’t want to replace your fabric and then a year or so later need to replace the frame as well. At that point, you may as well consider replacing the whole awning – our expert staff can help identify this for you if you are unsure.

When looking to replace the fabric on your canopy, be aware that your canopy would need to be taken down and sent back to our factory to have the fabric stretched and stapled onto the frame using stainless steel staples. So, be aware that you would be without your canopy for anywhere between 2-4 weeks from time of order to time of re-install. One thing to note, some companies will change the fabric on canopy’s that are made with a steel frame. We, at Canadian Shade ONLY sell and work with aluminum frame items, that includes changing the fabric, we only change the fabric on existing aluminum frame canopies. If you are looking to change the fabric on an existing canopy that is an aluminum frame, we can provide that service.

The fabric we use is a scotch-guarded, solution-dyed acrylic fabric. It is a thicker outdoor fabric made to withstand the elements and will not fade when in direct sunlight as the fibers have been dyed through and through before being made into the thread that is made into the fabric. It has a UV rating ranging from 93%-97% depending on the color of the fabric. There are over 100 fabric selections to chose from between stripes and solids. The fabric can be sewn with marine grade thread or welded (at an additional cost) to have a stitch-free, seamless appearance.

Call us today for an estimate to change your fabric at 1-800-506-0450.