Patio Awning Projection – Its All About the Arms!

Patio Awning Projection – Its All About the Arms!

Published by Brenda Adams on 2020 Jan 13th

When it comes to retractable patio awnings, the arms are the heart of the system. The performance of the awning is truly dictated by the strength of the arms.

The arms of the awning come in pre-set sizes. These sizes determine how far our your retractable patio awning can project.

Standard arm sizes are:

  • 5′
  • 6’8″
  • 8’4″
  • 10′
  • 11’6″
  • 13’2″

These availabilities of sizes would largely depend on the style of the awning and the width of the awning.

Tension from the internal spring of the arms is transferred to the front bar creating a tight fabric and high-performance awning. The high-end awnings use an arm that has a patented belt system. The belt is made up of 9 stainless steel cables and is fully sealed in a poly carbon UV resistant PVC coating. The PVC coating ensuring that it is corrosion resistant as the PVC coating prevents wear and damage to the cables within. To the average eye, this belt system doesn’t look like anything special or extravagant but it is quite remarkable.

These belts have been tested to 60, 000 cycles which is around ten times more retractions than the average chain or cable found on most other awnings. The final assembly of these arms are what makes them stand out from the rest. Robotics are used to provide consistency and quality. They are computer matched in pairs to ensure equal tensions. This patent belt system is setting a higher standard in the retractable awning industry with its durability and power.