Motorized Royal Marcesa Black Frame

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Why This Product?

  • Ideal for Soffit Installation or under an overhang to protect the fabric when it's not in use.
  • Hood Cover can give protection if no overhang is present.
  • All Aluminum Construction means no rust
  • Marcesa bar helps make the awning more spacious, stronger and more stable in the wind.
  • 10 year warranty


The Royal is one of the most innovative products in the awning industry today. Manufactured with Canadian ingenuity and German engineering the Royal is the first system that has been specifically designed for the North American market, and not simply adapted. All Royal systems come with Pitch Adjustable housings. This feature allows you to adjust the awning to follow the sun, as it rises and sets. On exposures facing west, there may be a problem in the early evenings when the sun begins to descend. With a pitch adjustable housing you are able to lower the front of the awning to give maximum coverage during that time with a simple turn of a crank, even at full projection. The Royal has been designed as an in line system; this means that the mounting tube, round table and front profile are in line, making these awnings extremely compact looking.

Royal awnings feature our exclusive all aluminum powder coated frames and castings for long lasting good looks. The pitch adjustable feature is for two arm awnings only. This unit has been tested to exceed the European norm 2 standards. No other awning in Canada has ever been through these rigorous European tests. The tension belt at the elbow is a patented system that has proven to be unequaled. The worlds finest bevel gears with end stop are standard for manual operation.





Motorizing your awning allows you to extend and retract your awning with the push of a button. It’s also required if you wish to add a wind sensor to protect your awning from high winds. There are two motors you can choose from.

Orea RTS Self adjusting motor Benefits:

  • Long range remote control doesn’t require direct line of sight.
  • Smartphone and tablet app available for quick and easy control even while away.
  • Automatically resets its limits as the fabric settles or stretches.

Single or Multi Channel Remotes

1-4 channel versions
  • Each channel can control an individual motorized product or a group of motorized products which provides practical and flexible control options.
  • Choose from white, silver, black or blue and white to fit your style and preference.
  • They come as a 1 channel system (for a single awning) or 4 channel (for different awnings/coverings).


The Smoove 1-4 channel

The Somfy Smoove is a wireless wall mounted activator for your awning. It works exactly like the remote. They come as a 1 channel system (for a single awning) or 4 channel (for different awnings/coverings).

Eolis Wind Sensor


The Eolis 3D WireFree™ RTS Wind Sensor is a wireless, battery powered wind sensor that will automatically retract an awning based on wind generated movements. We provide this Wind Sensor free with your awning purchase.


 Comfort & Convenience

  • Automatically protects your awning when wind is detected … even while you are away.
  • Battery powered with an indicator to alert you when they need to be replaced.



Extra Information

Frame Colour:
Offered Protection:
Sun and Light Rain
Optimal Installation:
Wind Resistance:
Beaufort Class 5 (32-35kph)

Warranty Information

Aristocrat Warranty

Warranty Frames

Imperial, Royal, Imperial MarcesaTM and Royal MarcesaTM models guaranteed to function free from defects in workmanship and materials under proper use, for ten (10) years from original date of purchase.

Classic Plus, MarcesaTM Plus, Empress and Empress MarcesaTM models are guaranteed to function free from defects in workmanship and material under proper use for Five (5) years from original date of purchase.


Frame Finish Warranty


The warranty on the paint finish on all aluminum extrusions of all solar control products produced by Aristocrat Shade Products, protects the purchaser should the product become unusable as a result of a manufacturing defect that causes the paint to crack, peel or check for a period of 5 years from the time of sale. Chalking in excess of a numerical rating of six (6) as measured using ASTM procedures that renders the product unserviceable as a result of manufacturing defect is covered for a period of five (5) years from the date of sale. All anodized surfaces on retractable, drop arm and basket awnings is covered for a period of ten (10) years.

This warranty does not cover damages to any surface finish from exposure to chemicals, salt spray, or water from pools or spas.

This warranty does not cover damage to the framing system and component parts caused by faulty installation, reinstallation, serviced or additions to the frame system. In addition, Aristocrat Shade Products is not responsible for normal wear and tear, damage caused by misuse, vandalism, fire and acts of nature such as but not limited to, hurricanes, tornados, and other damaging winds, rain, accumulation, hail, snow loads and flooding.

Aristocrat Shade Products is not responsible for damage to any structure to which the awning is installed or attached, or to property or items located above or below or near the awning. Further, this warranty is void if the awning is sold, serviced or repaired by an unauthorized dealer or service outlet.


Motors, Gears & Controls

The warranty on motors, gears and electronic controls including switches, connectors, remote control devices and sensor protects the purchaser for a period of five (5) years from the time of sale as long as the awning remains as originally installed.


This limited warranty guarantees the fabric from becoming unserviceable due to loss of color or strength from normal exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew, rot and atmospheric chemicals for five (5) to eight (8) years depending on the manufacturer, from the original date of purchase. Color fastness is guaranteed to remain within the standards set by Fadeometer test of a grade 7 on a sale of 0 to8 under normal conditions of exposure and atmospheric pollution. Normal wear, weather, soiling or stains from environmental pollution or other sources are not covered.

This warranty is in lieu of and excludes all other warranties including any representation, warranty condition made by manufacturers employees or agents, whether express or implied, arising by operation of law or otherwise including without limitation any warranty of merchantability of fitness for a particular purpose and in no event will manufacturer be liable for incidental, consequential special or indirect damages. This warranty provides specific legal rights to the purchaser of manufactured products. The purchaser may have other legal rights which vary from province to province/or state to state. The disclaimer, exclusions and limitations contained in this warranty are subject to the laws of each province/state.


Labour Warranty

We are so confident in our products we back them with an exclusive two (2) year labour warranty. This warranty covers labour associated with the repair or replacement of any component which has been determined to be defective by the manufacturer. This warranty does not cover the cost of travel time to and from the job site by the dealer.


Thank you for purchasing a quality Aristocrat Shade Product.

For long continuous enjoyment please follow these product care guidelines.



1.      During gusty or constant winds (i.e. in excess of 20mph/32km) retract the awning(s) to prevent damage.

2.      When not at home, rretract awning(s)

3.      When you retire for the evening, retract the awning(s)




Retractable awnings will withstand moderate rainfall. They are not designed to withstand heavy rain. If the rain is heavy enough to create puddles in the fabric, the fabric may stretch. If very heavy accumulation occurs, there may be further damage to the frame.


1.      Motors are available for all patio and drop arm awnings

2.      Larger patio awnings in particular should be motorized for your comfort and convenience.

3.      Back up mechanical operation (CMO – Compact Manual Override) is also available with motorization if you are concerned about power failure. In the event of a power failure, a CMO unit allows the awning(s) to be retracted manually.

Sun and Wind Controls

1.      Sun and wind controls are available for your peace of mind and comfort.

2.      Sun and wind controls will automatically retract the awning(s) in excessive winds.

3.      Sun and wind controls when set are automatic and adjustable to varying degrees of sun and wind. The sun sensor may also be taken off automatic to allow projection of the awning(s) at the push of a button. The wind sensor cannot be taken off automatic mode. (This would defeat the purpose of this controller)

4.      Please note, wind sensors are not a guarantee. These units do not protect the awning(s) against sudden squalls. Keep the awning closed if there is such a risk. Any usage of the device outside of the application defined by Somfy constitutes non-compliance and is therefore not covered by the warranty.

Gear Driven

1.      Some patio and drop arm awning(s) are gear driven (i.e. with a crank handle)

2.      Patio awnings have one caution. Do not project the awning(s) beyond the limits you have ordered. Patio awning arms are not designed to extend in a straight line. There must always be a bed at the elbow of the arms for strength and tightness of the fabric. If the arms are fully extended, the fabric will relax and lay down on the arms, and the springs have to be reset.

3.      To prevent damage to your awning(s), Aristocrat Shade Products GeigerTM gears have a built in end stop. If you do crank the awning beyond its normal setting you will reach a point where the gear will stop any further extension of the awning. Simply reverse the procedure to retract the unit.




Fabric Care

Aristocrat Shade Products awning fabric has been treated with a TeflonTM water repellent. For a cleaner awning, it is recommended that you hose down the underside of your awning fabric twice a year. If further cleaning is required, simply dry brush the fabric before washing.