Pan Style Aluminum Patio Awning

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$2,604.00 - $21,080.00


This product included installation costs. If you are a contractor looking to install yourself, please call us.


Aluminum Awnings installed on your residence provides a distinctive look while providing protection from the elements. It expands living areas on a porch or sitting areas in the backyard. Awnings can be coordinated with appropriate railings and provide many years of minimum maintenance and worry.

Quality is all in the details and Vince's makes sure that you receive a top quality product every time.

Colouring Process

1) Special cleaning process to assure maximum paint adhesion.
2) Pre-treated application provides strong bonding.
3) First Coat: Baked on corrosion inhibiting primer.
4) Second Coat: Baked on high performance coloured top-coat.

With any painting system, special multi-step cleaning processes are required to assure maximum paint adhesion.

A pre-treated application prepares the aluminum surface for painting by providing stronger bonding.

The First-Coat of paint is a corrosion inhibiting primer and also provides stronger bonding of the final coloured coat to the aluminum metal. It typically is baked on before the Second Coloured coat of paint is applied.
The final colour coat is a high performance polyester paint that is baked on in a heated furnace at temperature of approximately 400°F.

Snow Loads

Permanent aluminum awning and roof structures need to be designed to withstand potential heavy snow loads. Prevailing winds, the pitch or slope of the awning and the projection of the awning are all factors that affect the ability of an awning or roof to carrying the loads. Our awnings and roofs are designed to take into account the local snow loads as published in the Ontario Snow Loads : As tabulated in Appendix C of NBC-1995,


Awnings and Flat Roofs are not designed to take impact loads from snow or other materials falling from above.

Our "Snow Guard" attaches to the top, front of the awning and deters snow from sliding off the awning onto a walkway were people might be passing under.


Extra Information

Offered Protection:
All weather
Cover Material:
Maximum Projection:
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