Polycarbonate Canopy

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$264.00 - $4,950.00


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  • Great for Covering Entranceways from all weather whille still allowing light through
  • Maximum Projection of 59" without the need for posts.

Why use Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough plastic used for a variety of applications, from bulletproof windows to compact disks (CDs). The main advantage of Polycarbonate over other types of plastic is its great strength combined with light weight. Polycarbonate is nearly unbreakable. Bulletproof windows and enclosures as seen inside banks or at drive-throughs are often made of Polycarbonate. Add to this the advantage that it is just 1/6 as heavy as glass.

Polycarbonate sheets will protect you from icicles, hailstones, heavy rain and piling up snow to enter & exit to your house.

Brackets are also made in polycarbonate, give you a strong hold to your wall in a large volume of snow or heavy rain. It is also very lightweight for your easier installation.

No Cut between Brackets

To make it simpler and easier for proper installation and shipping, one piece polycarbonate sheet can be delivered up to 92 feet | 1104 inch without any cut. So there are no leak between brackets when raining or snowing.

Customized size for your own size

Any size on any wall, just let us know your door or window size. It will never leak between Rust Proof polycarbonate brackets.

DIY Installation

Constructed in a method of putting polycarbonate sheet on specially designed brackets, this awning lets you install one by one brackets for easy Do It Yourself. See our video on Installing a polycarbonate canopy.

No Welding

Polycarbonate canopies have no joints. There is almost no damage, deformity, and no worry of rain leakage between brackets. The shrinking-swelling, deflection phenomenon by sunlight or damage of polycarbonate has been solved as a result of a simple and practical bracket design.

Wide Application

This door canopy and arched brackets have a wide range of applications. They are available for bus stops, bicycle shelter, passageways, separate garbage collection bins, players’ benches, fences, bbq pit cover, heat pump cover and more.

Extra Information

Cover Material:
Maximum Projection:
Offered Protection:
All weather
Optimal Installation:

Warranty Information


·      Canofix Manufacturer’s WARRANTY – Three Years: Bracket and Polycarbonate Panel

·      Certain sealants are not compatible with polycarbonate and will cause the polycarbonate to crack, lose impact resistance and/or discolour.

·      Polycarbonate failure due to use of incompatible sealants is not covered under this warranty.

·      Natural discolouration on polycarbonate panel is not under warranty.

·      Any type of cleaning performed on a polycarbonate panel, including removal of mold, mildew, fungus, or dirt, by pressure of any kind with water or chemical means will damage the polycarbonate and void any warranty.

·      Polycarbonate bracket is under 3 year warranty as long as no physical damage or natural disaster.