Shade Sails

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$261.00 - $2,900.00


Shade Sails are designed to leave a fashionable impression on your outdoor living areas as a result of their balanced and unique design. These shade covering are also a great way to protect your outdoor furnishings, fixtures, and play equipment. They are exceptionally cost-effective and a trouble-free way to shield up to 97% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Shade Sails are a beautiful substitute for umbrellas, canopies, or awnings and an attractive addition over porches, ponds, pool and more. Shade sails are very easy to mount and can be attached to self-supporting steel poles, trees, and even homes. With appropriate hardware, they can also be linked between buildings. Draw attention with a variety of colors and sizes to commercial/retail locations or to brighten your backyard while entertaining guests. These coverings are exceptional easy to install or detach. A vast advantage to those who reside in areas that receive snow as the weight could create damage if left up throughout winter months.

Benefits of Shade Sails Include:

  • Block from the sun’s harmful UV rays – up to 98%
  • Prevent sunburn and cancer due to the UV blockage
  • Helps regulate the outdoor temperature with cooling shade
  • Economical, much cheaper than building a structure
  • Makes your outdoor living area or business, more inviting to your guests
  • Can be used to replace canopies, awnings and umbrellas.
  • Use over pools, ponds, plants, decks and porches to extend their seasons
  • Protects your patio furniture, grills, and play sets from the harmful UV rays
  • Draws attention with the colors and designs in commercial and retail areas
  • Easy to remove and install, especially for taking down in the winter months
  • Fabrics have up to 10 year limited warranties and the workmanship for one year

Extra Information

Offered Protection:
Sun and Light Rain
Optimal Installation:
Anchor Points
Maximum Projection:
Cover Material:
Polymer Mesh